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Weapon details: 1873, 12-19 233

Place found: Hov, Hoff, Aker, Oslo
Region found: Norway

Earliest date: 800

Latest date: 999

Petersen/Oakeshott hilt type: C

Wheeler hilt type: II

Grip length: 9.5 cm

Guard type: Unknown

Guard length: 8.7 cm

Balance point: 15.9 cm

Blade length: 78.6

Cutting edges: 2

Pattern welded blade?: No

Blade width: 6.2 cm

Length:width ratio: 12.7:1

Number of fullers per side: 1

Width of fullers: 2.5 cm

Inscriptions on the blade: None

Comments: Broken 18.5cm from point and welded back together.